Some Days…

I have great aspirations to make my daughter happy, polite and well-behaved, and give her as many opportunities as possible to learn through play and teaching. I hope to give her exposure to lots of fun stuff, but impose discipline in such a way as to keep everybody happy — Hmmm, is that even possible? [...]


Have you ever heard about those people who make electrical and magnetic stuff malfunction? I think they had a character on some of the medical drama shows. Do they have a name for that? Do they have a name for someone who breaks every zipper they come near? Well, that’s me. It seems like I [...]

My file of Butt photos – rated G


Many faces of Tot in her struggles to move the mountain

Shoes, Hats, accessories and anything pink

Prior to parenthood, you think you have all the power to shape their little lives. Not so, you learn, once return to DINK-hood is no longer an option. As a teenager (since I can’t remember much farther back than that)and through to adulthood, I generally rebelled against being too girly and feminine. Sophisticated and feminine [...]

Tot-tart Dilemma

Let me preface this story by saying that I heard somewhere that the most popular grocery item purchase after a disaster is poptarts. With all we deal with, I figure I’m entitled to eat poptarts on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my daughter feels entitled to the same, and I’m not comfortable with corrupting her in [...]

Tot’s Pronounciation – lack of blended consonants & attempts to incriminate her parents

Tot has a pretty darn good vocabulary for someone not even two. She has a remarkable command of first and second person pronouns. But after struggling to understand some of her requests one day, we finally realized that while she can pronounce all of the letters of the alphabet (albeit not always properly), she can’t [...]

Junk Food junkie AND water aerobics junkie?

Like any recovering junkie, I struggle to stay clean. I’m constantly itching for a dose of peanut butter cups, swiss rolls, cookie dough, fudge sauce, aghhhh. Any don’t even get me started on salt – cheez-its, potato chips, artichoke dip,etc… My friends in CA still salt the tortilla chips in my honor at [...]

Cravings for fish-sticks and spam

This might not seem so weird for a guy, unless you know that Mr.Tot is a food snob. Seriously. Doesn’t even like chain restaurants, let alone fast food. We got some fish sticks, but I draw the line at spam!

Tricked and tot-napped

Dear Godguys,

Someone tricked me. I think it was Mom and Dad – can’t trust them for a minute! Last I knew I was at your house. Something must have happened while I was sleeping because when I woke up, I was on a plane home already. I think I had a dream that you [...]