Love at first sight and ever after

From the moment they first met, they have been inseparable. Devil cat walked right up to Bergylsnorpe and kissed him on the nose and then sauntered off. Bergylsnorpe was smitten, and has been dedicated to chasing her furry black butt ever since. He is truly besotted with her. Their antics never fail to entertain and [...]

Take me out to the Ball game

Today we went to a Miracle League of the Triangle ball game for little bro. I had heard how heart warming these games were, and remained a tad skeptical. Yes, every kid deserves a chance to play baseball. But with my attitude towards baseball, why would every kid care? We arrived at the game, and [...]

Thoughts from a Turtle, perhaps Yertle, but I think not….

ME, and the crowd: Turtle: Just raking some leaves out of the way in the garden… What the hey, man? Who’s messing with my mellow? My Rake hits something hard…. Where’s my camouflage going? What a rude awakening! What the heck is this? Acckkk, I’m going airborne! Retreat, retreat! Ackk, it’s moving! Whoaaa, what [...]

Request for Backup. QUICK!

Dear Godguys,

I need your help. I really expected mom to have caved to my demands by now, but she’s tough, and resisting my training efforts. I don’t really want that much. If I had my way, I’d watch Dora ‘Splorer, and ‘Eggo on TV all morning, then go to the park all [...]

Not-so-shaggy Dog stories

When our shaggy dogs get a haircut, it’s pretty drastic. They are usually pretty matted underneath and require a fairly close shave, but given the expense of dog-grooming these days, Mr. Tot usually does the dirty deed these days. Although my mother has also been known to take after them with the scissors, and I [...]

Ain’t Technology grand?

The view from my couch….

The view in the dining room.

The view everywhere else….

Mr. Tot and his iphone are inseparable.

Will the REAL me please show myself?

Why do we need to eat EVERY day? Don’t get me wrong. I love to eat. I’m good at it. A little too good. But cooking? Now there’s a problem. I have to come up with something different and appetizing every day? I actually enjoy cooking…. for company, for parties and special occasions. But every [...]

Losers Weepers…

I’ve been losing things left and right lately. It’s gotten really bad. Of course this really means my half-heimers is progressing – to maybe three-quarters-heimers. The other day, I had brushed Tot’s hair in the living room and then taken some pictures of her. About 15 minutes later, I went to put them away, and [...]

Powder Room Antics

Laughing too hard to write ….

Weeding the Cheez-Its

Mr. Tot and I have a little tradition that when one of us leaves town, the other works his or her butt off to get stuff done while the other is gone. So I’ve been busy for the last few days raking and weeding the entire yard, front and back. Though I haven’t been pulling [...]