Happy Easter to all my Peeps!

Happy Easter to my people too… but especially my Peeps!!

What’s YOUR Poopee factor? Warning: It is what it sounds like… Read at your own risk.


You don’t count nor does anyone else who takes care of their own business in the bathroom Babies through Toddlers for whom you have to change a diaper = 1 point Kids and adults in diapers = 1 point for every 30 pounds or partial Dogs that you pick up their poo [...]

Spring is busting out in fits and starts.

Is it my imagination or did spring get busted? I’ve only been back on the right Coast for 3 springs, and the first I wasn’t really paying attention because I was a little busy, having moved when I was 7 months pregnant with Tot and then, of course she was born, and my level of [...]

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

This morning, I heard Tot shouting “Help! … get out”, so I went to her aid. Usually she’s waiting for me at the child-gated door. But no, I look around and don’t see her – her voice sounds very small, which is unusual to say the least. I’m thinking she’s in her attic nook playroom, [...]

Many faces of Tot in her struggles to move the mountain

Lowering the Bar

Today was a good day – I got a nap, albeit in 2 minute bursts between tot-romps, Tot got a nap AND Tot went to bed at a reasonable hour, and I even managed to leave my house in less disorder than it started this morning. It is just amazing how much disorder gets created [...]

The night before “Two” and all through the house…

Dear Godguys,

April 5 – Mom told me Sunday is a day of rest. Mom said that means me. How am I supposed to rest? I’m on the edge of 2!!! I feel all wiggly inside. Instead of having me rest in my room, we went to play tennis in the stroller, but Mom and [...]

Perils lurking at the Pool

So Tot and I had to get out of the house today to escape the fumes of the slate sealer. We left Mr. Tot to fry his excess brain cells and headed to the pool. Little did I know the perils awaiting me there. After a half hour of escorting her up the stairs of [...]

Questions and answers

Dear Tot God Gal,

God Gramps and I really miss you. Especially your incredible hugs, your unbelievable vocabulary and appetite. Also your “bees knees” and your little feet running around. (How is your little foot?)

Now, I have some news for you!!! Flappy is on his way but he is very concerned that his [...]

Mr. Tot twitters at my expense….

“I can’t think when you’re distracted”. Granted I said this while waiting for Blondie to appear in his school play as a fat pink pig on skinny chicken legs (inherited from Mr. Tot) ((hiLARious by the way) and trying to wrest Mr. Tot’s attention from his iphone solitaire game so we could discuss what iphone [...]