And now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

We got a new cat. He’s a total sweetie. He let’s Tot molest him as you can see. But he came with the wrong name. It’s just wrong. Pooshie or “Poochie” as Tot calls him. “Pooch” might actually be appropriate – he’s larger than many dogs… Now, I don’t [...]

Helicopter versus Free-range Mothering

Warning to those of you looking for a laugh in my typical posts – stop here. This entry is a rant!

Maybe it’s because I figure Mr.Tot has it all figured out since he came with 2 kids, [...]

Thoughts on Motherhood

Some days, I can’t believe having kids is so popular — it’s the hardest, most exhausting and underpaid job there is… It doesn’t seem that hard on the face of it. They are little and you are big, and indisputably in charge, right? Wrong, You are their slave 24/7. And you can’t do [...]

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Please keep all hands and feet inside the car as we pass the Wild Cat feeding area. Resist the urge to pull those tails. Aww, what the heck, give ‘em a yank – we do! Cat yodeling at its best! See An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka) for a [...]

Hello, 911? There’s been a shooting….

Yes, a mass shooting. How many? I see 3 but there might be more. Yes, right here in my living room. Ohhh, wait a minute. Somebody slipped something into the water… It must be nap time at the menagerie. If only Tot would participate!!!

I’m not making this stuff up!

I figured if I didn’t have pictures, you wouldn’t believe me…. A few months back, in the midst of 101 other things going on (Piano Man was in the hospital for a month, Mr. Tot had travelled abroad for 10 days, Big Fat Cat was having his final Lymphoma struggles, we had various [...]

Dancing Fool

This is an addendum to the “Touched in the Head” post that I wrote on May 14th. See? I wasn’t kidding! She’s certifiable.


Tot’s auspicious beginnings

We should have known at the start what we were in for….

This was her first encounter with the scale, only minutes old or rather young. Dramatic to be sure, but haven’t all women felt this way at some point, perhaps every time we step on the scale? As Mr. Tot put it, [...]

Looking into the Future

Things I will miss when Tot is no longer a toddler, and things I won’t

Things I will Miss

Basic needs: Ice cream and golf carts

Dear Nana and Papa,

I miss you… And your golf cart. And your ice cream. And letting me do whatever I want.

I can’t believe the way I’m treated around here. I need a golf cart. How come I can’t have one? Really, [...]