Mr.Tot and I are joining our church after attending for 3 years. Moving to the top of the pre-school waiting list provided the proper incentive. We have to attend classes and fill out paperwork for each member of the family. The form for each family member is exactly the same, including education, interests [...]

Yertle MY very shy Turtle

Nana has nicknamed Tot Peekaboo. Playing here in her oh-so-stylish turtle shell.

That’s all for tonight – have to get up at o’dark-thirty to start driving, and driving and driving from FL to NC. Hopefully the trip home will be uneventful. Please think blah thoughts for me to keep the excitement to a dull [...]

Aviator or Tadpole?

My daughter is a ham, or maybe a tadpole. Aviator in training?

What’s your guess?

Touched in the Head

Yes, I do think my daughter is touched in the head. Down here in geriatric-ville, they have live music and dancing in the town center every night. Now, it is no secret that Mz.Tot loves to dance. However. It got a little out of control this evening. I think there must be secret [...]

I don’t want to Deja vu!!!

Back at the end of February, Mr.Tot and I were supposed to go to Italy. It was a pseudo-honeymoon tacked on to his business trip. However, Tot had other plans. She got ferociously sick – brain-burning, miserable, limp-rag-doll, non-responsive, stick a needle in every square inch of skin, make your mother’s-hair-turn-gray, 105° fever [...]

Through the Woods to Grandma’s House – a photo journey

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Actually the words came later – non-top babbling for the last 3 hours of this nearly 11 hour journey. There was lots of pre-journey hype, tons of in-your-face excitement, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for the details. Tonight, I am too exhausted. But here is [...]

Overheard in our house…

-Tot’s not exactly conducive to rest… Well, maybe cardiac arrest.

- I’m so tired, I can’t take a bath, I may drown.

- “Having a heartbeat is very important if you want to stay healthy” Max & Ruby’s children’s show


Mommybloggers & thoughts for Mother’s Day

I’ve been reading a bunch of Mommybloggers lately, and all my synapses are shooting fireworks in different directions inside my head. Some of these mommy blogs are hilarious, some sobering and heart-wrenching, and some…, some are so esoteric – like you’ve found yourself mysteriously inside someone’s thoughts and they’re talking to themselves so it’s really [...]

Aliens sited in the vicinity

Here are the strange creatures that have been seen in our house lately. I think the aliens who abduct me at night plant these ideas in my head. What other explanation could there be? ohhhhhhh yeah, there’s a tot in the house. (and a tot friends nearby)


Surprise! I cooked!

Now you might think that being a stay-at-home mom, I cook nutritional home-made dinners every night, or even most nights. Well, you’d be wrong. Or as we say in my house – WA-Rong!! I usually provide dinner in the form of frozen pizza, pot-stickers, Trader Joe’s delicious pre-prepared specialties, etc, though even that [...]