Dear Big Brudder: Tot’s letter to Blondie at Camp….

There was a lot of traffic in my room last night. Bergylsnorpe came in to visit and wouldn’t leave, only to find out that Pickles (in Toonces mode) was lurking outside terrorizing him. Mom had to bring Pickles into the room and get Dad to call [...]

On the move, no moss growing here…

I am not the type of person who’s physically capable of being happy just being a lump on a log. Do you know what a pain that is?? I have to be producing something – whether it’s a weedfree flower garden, beautiful pictures, quilts, a clean house (HA!), lunch, a tot who’s getting [...]

Picture updates for Previous Posts

This goes with Walking the Tot or 3-Leash Circus. Tot doesn’t have HER little dog walking with her, but given how difficult this picture was to get, consider yourselves lucky to see it at all. Barkylthorpe (on the right) was resisting arrest, I mean, joining us, and had to be dragged, I mean, coaxed. [...]

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

A few comments on yesterday before I launch in on my new day’s thoughts..

There were a few bright spots despite the utter bleakness of it all:

I bought a flat plus of “only mostly dead” impatiens for ultra cheap which appealed to me greatly having just been reamed out of [...]

And the FUN continues!!

Just received the oh-so coveted notice from the IRS today that our taxes are delinquent. But wait, what is the point of giving your check to a tax attorney, if not to avoid these nasty letters? Also fighting returns from American airlines on that cancelled Italy trip, trying to get a reimbursement from the insurance [...]

Walking the Tot or a 3-leash circus

Whoever said “Necessity is the mother of invention” really knew their stuff. Just the thought of walking the dogs with Tot on these hot days with her meandering into the road or hunkering down picking over the pebbles for 20 minutes while the Barkylthorpe nervously pulls my shoulder out of the socket, and [...]

Preparing rants and exhibiting evidence

I’m trying to compose a down and out rant to the NC insurance commissioner about our ex-car insurance company and our insurance agent. Trust me – you will hear ALL about it!!! I’m just not sure how long it will take me to compose an accurate yet cathartic account that I won’t get thrown in [...]

I graduated from Cupcake College Magna cum Scrumpdillicious

I have great neighbors!!! Last week, two of my foodie neighbors bonded together like noble-minded wonder twins to offer a chocolate cupcake college. I think it was supposed to be for a small group of friends but it ended up being advertised in the paper as they were offering the class for free [...]

For Rent: one small tot

Mini-me available for rent… or is it mini-you? Prices reasonable… Cute factor pretty darn high. Will copy almost any activity or utterance. Master chef of anything sand, and slayer of dragons. But will need a mid-afternoon rest — if you’re lucky.