My Fairy Godmother is coming….

I do not believe in magic pills. I believe a thin healthy body requires continuous investment of hard work: eating healthy in reasonable portions (which for me is HARD work!!!), and exercizing to stay fit and trim. Back when I had to lose 30 pounds thanks to the weight gain side effect of [...]

Alien Visitation or Little Elves?

Okay so maybe they’re not aliens, except in the sense that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re really MY parents because I can’t seem to keep up with them and they’re my parents. This is depressing – I can’t keep up with my parents or my Tot – now what? Though they [...]

And Now for something Completely Different…

I’m not sure I should let you in on this secret. I mean, there are limited quantities and all. And no, I don’t get any kickback. though, it would be nice!

According to Wikipedia, “Woot” is an interjection expressing joy (it could [...]

And the Winner is ….

PICKLES!!! Aka Pickle-bliss, Pickle-Pooch, Pickle-Baloo, Pickle-butter-sandwich. Okay, maybe that’s overshare…

I am pleased to report that Blondie and Piano-man are now Pickle -approved.

Despite having voted on ‘Pickles’, the name ‘Poochie’ may live on forever in Tot’s vocabulary.

A Girl and her …TBD, A Love Story

Do I know you? A Novella…

This will be me, talking to Mr. Tot in a few years if things keep up… We joke, in a half ha-ha, half oh-jeez-you-know-it’s-coming-but-we’re stuck-with-it-so-we-might-as-well-laugh kind of way, that my mind will complete its transition to apple and cinnamon oatmeal shortly. How shortly is anyone’s guess. Still sweet and kind of ‘picy, but [...]

Recently sighted tuckuses

And the most recent additions to our g-rated Butt file…