Craftmatic, please meet Tempur-pedic with the strait jacket in the padded room….

Upon spending yet another hour and a half putting Tot to bed, I had plenty of time while pretending to be asleep beside her listening to her sing and feeling her fidget, to come up with an ingenius device for putting toddlers to bed QUICKLY.

As [...]

An odd assortment of visitors

How often do you have Chicken Little, Curious Georgina, A Flower Child, and Esmeralda, the Fortune Teller visit you all in one day? We had a few more, most notably Toot or maybe it was Puddle (the pig), and Devil Cat’s twin, but they were either too shy or superstitious to be caught on camera.



Yes, this is our living room. Pathetic, isn’t it? But we could be poster children for Apple. There are, count them with me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Apple laptops in this picture. PC is a dirty word in our house. Did you find them all? Did you miss the little white [...]

Open, Open, Open….

Here sits Tot in utter frustration that she can’t get at the candy in the closet. The doors have a magnetic latch which is rather tough to open. Notice she did pull a chair over [...]

Those darn aliens have been at it again…

Let me OUT!!!

Despite the fact that Tot LOVES car carts, her fickle nature kicks in and the oft-repeated refrain bellows forth… ”Let me OUT!!!”

Like she’s been unjustly detained in a prison of my making, when in reality it’s an amusement of her choice. If I could just lock those latches on the sides…

I hear [...]

One little mistake…

First an update: Mr.Tot doesn’t have ear infections after all… He saw my *favorite* Dr.Smiley, only because he was the only doctor he could see before September. It might be benign positional vertigo or possibly Ménière’s disease – a disorder of the inner ear. Or something else entirely, given that Dr.Smiley was presiding… [...]

Vacation, what vacation?

First of all, let me give the 30 second update on the last blog entry…

1) Tot has infections in both ears, not swimmer’s ears, the other kind of infection, which is weird, because she’s never shown any sign of a cold or runny nose, until today. [...]

On the edge again…

Tot is sick, again. The first couple days, I played it cool. It started with a fever peaking at 103 in the evenings. With some medicine, it was gone by morning. Her temperature would be normal all day and would rise again starting about 5 pm. And she acts pretty normal while she [...]


I mean, why dilute the calories with something healthy like fruit?

And did you see the website to find more great recipes? So of course I had to check it out…

Gourmet cooking at its best… You know you want to try them all…

I bet these are big with [...]