Is it a full moon?

Aha!! Just looked up the lunar calendar – there will be a full moon tonight! No wonder everything’s so weird around here.

- Bergylsnorpe, the DOG, slept off his hangover in the shower this morning. Mr.Tot inadvertently gave him an overdose of tranquilizers to deal with [...]

Healthcare Spending accounts – Were they invented by the devil?

I mean, they seem appealing on the face of it. Ooooh, save money, gotta love that. Yeah, right. They get your money straight from your paycheck and then try every which way to keep it…. Convenience, my keister!!!

To Whom it may concern (at SHPS), August 3, [...]

Are we insane?

Okay, I’ll give you that one. Yes Mr.Tot and I are insane. We know it, we admit it, we embrace it.

I notice that in my head, I start every blog with “So”, or “Okay”…. I usually try to stifle that inclination, but sometimes I fail…. So, [...]

Did Sleeping Beauty have a sleep disorder?

I think it was called a coma….

My mother left me a message that she’s worried about me. All I can figure out is because I haven’t been blogging….well, that and my last blog entry said I was trying to catch up on life…. At this point, [...]