Pumpkin fuzz and me

Self portrait. And accurate portrayal too.

Post flea-market, and post Tot-”NO”-fest.

Mr.Tot took over. Thank goodness.


More tomorrow.


Fancy times

I did a second craft show this weekend, but it didn’t go nearly so well as the one last weekend. Not for lack of inventory as you can see. I looked into doing a third this weekend, but the good shows you have to sign up for early, and I hadn’t realized how much stuff [...]

STOP, or I shall say Stop again!

If you factor in the nap I inadvertently took when I sat down on the couch before dinner, I essentially went to bed at 8pm last night, since I fell asleep before or perhaps with Tabor and then got up only to go to my own bed where I thought I was going to read, [...]

Not Again….

So I just did my craft show yesterday and it went well. I didn’t even come close to selling out, but that was a bit ambitious. I spent a lot of late nights preparing and a lot of energy stressing about it all, so I was too tired to go out to dinner. I was [...]

All in a Day’s Work, okay, maybe Two

Tot’s fever was down to a dull roar today and since it was GORGEOUS out, I decided to take her to the playground to get some fresh air, vitamin D and to try to run her batteries down. It worked! I escaped her bedroom at 7:40 – a solid hour earlier than usual. This has [...]

Playing Catch-up…

Tot is sick. Again. It seems the usual routine — ramps up about closing time on Friday. She acts relatively normal until the fever spikes again and again and again. Hopefully it will be over soon. Her 2 1/2 year check up is on Thursday so of course she will be fine by then.



Except for a bit of monotony in our diet, I’m kind of enjoying the lack of cooking, especially right now with my craft factory being in high gear. We have reverted to using paper plates, cups and bowls, but I draw the line at silverware. I figured I was using so much water to wash [...]

Biker, Soldier, Wacko?

You decide…. Is she supposed to be a soldier chic, a biker babe, or some wacko trying to communicate with the aliens in outer space? Would it matter if I told you the bowl was part of the kitchen scale? Maybe it’s her protest against the scale — a continuing saga from the day she [...]

Abandon Ship!!

Last week started out great. Monday was fabulous, focused (for a change) on Tot getting a variety of activities and me optimizing opportunities – such as reading while Tot enjoyed the park and tub-side during her bath, raking while Tot ran about the yard and cavorted in piles of leaves, and taking photos – earning [...]

Excuses and More Excuses – Part 2

This is pathetic. It’s been almost a month since I last blogged. Life is crazy. Okay, here are those other reasons I haven’t blogged lately, as well as an update on the first part.

At the end of last month, poor little Tot went splat on the playground. She was jumping from one short little [...]