All I want for Christmas is my kitchen back, counter black, no more snacks, stuff unpacked, stay on track, Tot to quack and a paddywhack

So we are in a home stretch of our kitchen remodel, with the countertops going in 2 days before Christmas, and water hooked up Christmas eve, but no upper cabinets or all those finishing touches like cabinets shelves and doors, and outlets so you can actually plug in those pesky kitchen appliances. Fortunately our Christmas [...]

Christmas fun

Yesterday we had snow!! Great big snowball size clumps of snow falling from the sky. Tot tried to catch some on her tongue, though I think if she succeeded, she may have choked on them. She’s proud of her official taster status, and claims snow tastes like chicken. The next picture is proof that I’m [...]

This ain’t your “reglier” zoo

Our critters are always entertaining, but lately they’re getting downright ….. hmmm, what’s the word? nuts.

Pickles has decided to take up a new vocation. The squirrel chasing just wasn’t working out. So, he’s decided to become a garden statue…. Whaddaya think?

Barkylthorpe decided she was a Carolina fan, and insisted on showing her [...]

You have entered the Twilight Zone

And no, I’m not talking about a vampire movie. Gads, I don’t get the appeal.

No, I’m talking about the Tot receiving vibes from Piano Man. Yesterday while we were doing errands, she told me, completely out of the blue, that she was worried about Piano Man. She said it so earnestly that it gave [...]

Falalalala, la la la la

This is the sum total of my accomplishments today. Oh, this and refraining from duct taping my daughter to the wall. Yes, rather than baking something from scratch, I frosted chocolate covered graham crackers to look like little presents, for a party which, turns out, is next week. This pushed the limits of my capabilities [...]

The TOTinary

All kids seem to have their own special quirks when it comes to pronounciations. My family still uses some of the favorites we picked up from my various nieces and nephews and my nieces are 17 and 19. My neighbor has commented on Tot’s incredible diction for her age, and while Tot can pronounce [...]

Ice Cream Man, I hate you.

It looks like she’s branding herself a loser, and today she was right.

You know that little ditty – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? Welll, I lived it today and let me tell you something, … it’s not so funny anymore. I took the Tot to a Holiday craft [...]

What’s Lurking in Your Leaves?