Well, Shiver me Timbers, Picklepuss!

Pickles’ peg leg inspired his latest persona….

It’s dangerous around here, the pirates have taken over… Send help!

And that annoying little parrot is really getting on my nerves. All I hear is:

“Arrrr!!! Ahoy there, Maties! Swab those decks, or ye’ll be shark bait, squiffies! “


What a Difference a Day makes!

Seems like just yesterday that Tot was falling off a sheep… well maybe a month ago in Arkansas.

But these pictures were taken Thursday when it got up to 64 degrees. The park was a busy place.

And yesterday, we got snow – about 3-4 inches. These were taken this morning. [...]

Mr.Sandman, I love you!

As I look back at some earlier posts, I realize I may have presented a slightly negative impression of my perfect little daughter. Well, perfect except for tonight, when while dining at a nice restaurant, we had to feed her dinner under the table like a feral cat because she wouldn’t sit in her seat [...]

Drum Roll Please….. Introducing Pickled Slate!

Okay, so I know we just put our living room back together, but I still had to tidy it up to take pictures. That’s how we roll at my house. But, 2010 is gonna be different. Watch out Entropy, I am waging WAR! But I digress. Please submit your Oohs and aaHHHs to the



Need I say more?

Santa Baby – you’re my alibi

Reader, forgive me for I have lapsed. It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last confession post. But with a distraction like this one, can you blame me?

Actually, I drove or was driven a total of 27 hours, flew 2300 miles, acquired new inlaws, swam, played golf, built a snow chicken (sorry, no pictures), [...]