And the Angels Sang!

And they’re singing LOUD baby!

I think God took pity on me, ’cause he just gave me the best present I could ever imagine right now. It’s been a tough day, not because of anything in particular. I’ve just been cranky, utterly cranky. And then. I saw Heaven. And her name was Claire.

Tot was [...]

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, Tot and I drove to Nana & Papa’s house. I knew it would take AT LEAST 9 hours, but I have done it before and survived. This time, it almost killed me. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice, and had to find a place to pull off and rest my eyes. After [...]


Last week, my parents left a message: ”What’s Wrong? Are you okay? We haven’t heard from you, and there are no new blogs…”

Tot happened. Well, her and life.

She turned into a fire breathing dragon, or some close relative. And I over committed to all sorts of things which left me exhausted. I’m [...]


Tot turned 3. End of the terrible twos? Only if you bring on the thoroughly thrashing threes. She has been a complete and utter diva, screaming and carrying on about every little thing and I’m ready to retire from motherhood. Anybody want her?

Good thing she’s cute, or she would have been out with the [...]

Playing catch-up…

There are just soooOO many things to catch up on…

Before we left for Aspen, our life seemed to be coming together for a change:

Tot got into preschool despite my spacing on the signup period. Here’s Tot on her new ride. Doesn’t she wish!!

AND Tot had me fooled for a while that I [...]

Too Tired….

Have lots to tell, but too pooped to pop.

The whole crowd is here in Colorado, just south of Aspen to ski, and hang with the grandparents. Thought I would have lots of time and energy to blog… HA! Will leave you with this until tomorrow or so.

Tabor arrives. She was so excited, [...]