Oh Autumn, where art thou?

Okay, so I’m dying to need to wear a pair of long pants, to get back into jeans for a change. Aside from a trip to the relatively frigid North this summer, I have worn nothing but shorts since May. (Nooo, I’m not topless…)

Every week, the forecast taunts us with promises of cooler weather [...]

Fun with Blondie





First Day of Preschool

Mark off another milestone… Tot invaded the preschool this week and her teachers called her a doll. She just wishes she could ride a school bus like the BIG kids.

There was one disappointment however… no ice cream on the playground. I’m sure she thinks she was duped ’cause when she visited last spring [...]

Medical Kudzu

Intense non-stop long-term pain is like kudzu on your life. It covers everything and strangles it, including your enthusiasm, your will to live, and even those who live with you. You live in a landscape where all you see and feel is pain. You can see the shape of all those people and things in [...]