It’s not me, It’s you

I mean her… I swear! Okay, so maybe part of her behavior comes from me… like talking to myself. Even full blown conversations, complete with hand gestures. Even in my sleep. But the raspberries on the fingers – that’s all her and the faces…. what a little actress…. And the sleeping in the dog [...]

Brave New World?

Raleigh has this great festival every Spring called Artsplosure. It’s a more elaborate version of the California Arts & Wine festival but, hmmm, not sure if there was any wine… I hate drinking in the heat anyway. They had a ton of kids activities and music and drama, and then, there was THIS:



Oh, the visitors we have!

We see a lot of strange characters in our house…

They usually make us laugh… before we eat.them up.

Sometimes Horton has a friend visit too.

Sometimes they’re silly… or devilish…




Or pretty darn goofy.











Yes, it has been a long time since I blogged….

I was busy, busy, busy, and then… I just wasn’t up to it.

Ever feel like you’ve been hit by a Tsunami?

Not so much death and destruction, but rather being totally carried by a wave with no control what so ever about direction, speed, [...]