Matisse, Miro, Mondrian? Wyeth, Whistler, Warhol?

My daughter LOVES painting… She paints outside on our porch, where I mostly don’t have to worry about it. When her godparents were here, (here-after called the god guys or god-gram and god-gramps), she insisted on painting while the adults were talking and ignoring her (after god-gram was held hostage in her room the better [...]

The benefits of waiting rooms…

I rarely read magazines at home. It’s something I generally only do in waiting rooms. I went to the dentist today, and got my cookie (score!), tube of chapstick, goodie bag of dental stuff, and while waiting to get in the chair, I found a really inspiring article, a stay-at-home dad’s letter to his son, [...]

For Gigi


Gigi turned 98 a couple weeks ago, and decided that was old enough. Yesterday, she left us. She had a long life full of joy and sadness, hardship and fortune. She saw a lot of progress in her 98 years and a lot of strife. She had 2 sons, 5 grand children [...]