Day 1 of camp was fabulous. Tot was as high as a kite, and couldn’t wait to go back, especially for the field trip.

Day 2 didn’t happen. Before breakfast, she complained for all of a minute and a half that her stomach hurt. Then, just as we arrived in the parking lot, Tot ejected [...]

Tot’s Day at Camp

It was a marvelous day. A day like no other, … until tomorrow. Tot went to camp. ALL day camp. We dropped her off a little after 8 am. Camp runs until 6 pm… yes, that’s right 10 hours! I was a little worried about the length of time, since she had never done something [...]

Oh the things they say…

As a follow up to my last post: Okay, so the peach jam, macaroons, and blueberry pie took me the rest of the week to make…

And man was the blueberry pie good! But my masterpiece was this:

I call her Miss Piggy, though Tot dubbed her …. ”Reindeer”

Don’t ask me why, the [...]

Filling the pantry!

Pick a peck of pickled peppers….

Mr.Tot and I have been on a tear. It’s old home week here, between the cooking, canning, and yardwork.

(We’ve transformed our side yard – Mr.Tot did the bulk of the work, but I put in a few pints of sweat as well… More on that later.)

We now [...]

What He Said….

We were very busy today, picking blueberries, making jam, and generally making our life delicious. Mr.Tot makes it sound like he did all the work, but that’s just for anonymity’s sake…. He did do the heavy lifting, heavy cooking and even heavy blogging. I was his pit crew (HA!) which means I chopped the peaches, [...]

Letter to Camp 2011

Dear Big Brudder,

Things haven’t been the same here without you. The skies won’t stop growling and crying. Murgatroid is scared of that big growl. We’ve been brushing him to calm him down. [...]