A Different Kind of Gobble


I had to teach Tot’s Honeybee class this week about giving thanks, alone. I did have some help in class, but I had to plan and prepare everything, because my co-leader skipped town on me.

No big deal right? A dozen or so 2 to 3 year olds…. With their parents. For a mere 45 minutes… Lord help me.


My activities, including making this lovely Turkey, only lasted 35 minutes. Panic time! So we played Simon Says and Freeze Tag, both of which are pretty hilarious with 2 and 3 year olds. We had one kid who came with both his parents and they still couldn’t control him. I’m giving thanks I’m not his parent.

So after 2 hours of set-up, class, and clean-up, I’m pretty much toast. I’m not sure how teachers do what they do, but I’m glad there’s someone out there willing to teach our kids! Now THAT’s something to be thankful for…


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