A gift from me to you… Skip the Fruitcake!

It started with a leftover loaf of Under-Wonder (otherwise known as all tasteless white bread better used as a sponge) from Blondie’s camping trip. Leave it to teenage boys to eat junk. Mr.Tot suggested throwing it out, but no, my hoarder, I mean, resourceful inner chef would not, could not let that stuff be added to the land fill. I mean, really – that stuff isn’t biodegradable, right?

So it was time to make bread pudding. But what kind? I had a hankering for chocolate, but did I pull down any of those scads of cookbooks up on our shelves? Noooo, I searched the trusty internet, and it did not let me down. Paula Deen is my new hero. She took Under-Wonder and made it into manna from heaven. Well, more like crack, really. Comparable to turning water into wine, except water is so much better than Under-Wonder. I couldn’t stop eating this pudding straight from the pan when it was still warm from the oven – I think it well may be the most addictive substance known to … me.


I didn’t get around to making bread pudding until Mr.Tot left town, so I was a bit like a child with no parent to duct tape me to the wall when needed. It was a situation I hope you never have to witness…. I’m surprised my clothes didn’t rip at the seams like, like… like this!

So, since I have renounced shopping for Christmas, I am giving any of you who happen to read this a very special present. The ability to make your very own crack, I mean¬†Paula Deene’s Chocolate bread pudding. Oh, and wear clothes you wanted to get rid of anyway…

Merry Christmas to all!

Please note, in my typical use-what’s-in-the-cupboard fashion, I used Under-Wonder in place of French bread, Amaretto in place of coffee-flavoured liqueur, and a mix of white and semi-sweet chocolate, but I’m sure Paula’s original recipe is pretty good too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

And, as a special post-note note: I managed to restrain myself enough to bring some to Florida, and my mother, my MOTHER agreed we could have it for our main lunch course, because, after all…. it’s chock full of eggs and milk. Pretty much like an omelet. So, go ahead. It’s what’s for lunch! or breakfast, or dinner, or all of the above… Mother approved!

Post-post note note: Would be REALLY good with¬†Creme Anglaise sauce…. But you might not make it out alive…


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