Abandon Ship!!

LeavesLast week started out great.  Monday was fabulous, focused (for a change) on Tot getting a variety of activities and me optimizing opportunities – such as reading while Tot enjoyed the park and tub-side during her bath, raking while Tot ran about the yard and cavorted in piles of leaves, and taking photos – earning brownie points with the previous generations by decorating cards with colorful leaves complete with pictures of Tot in the leaves.  I vowed to make a habit of of these types of activities which benefitted Tot, myself, and others.  But I stayed up late Monday night (2 am) trying to organize my next photo order for the cards I’m going to sell.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even finish, and had to spend another few hours on Tuesday working on it under protest from Tot.  Tuesday afternoon Tot decided to exert her contrary opinions and act on all those anti-mom desires.  Combined with my lowered migraine meds, Tuesday became a sheer survival day.  At 8:30 pm that evening, after much wandering, threatening, crying, fidgeting, Tot declared she couldn’t sleep.  So I pinned her down, and within 5 minutes, I dared to make my escape.  Tuesday night I managed to go to bed early, but it didn’t seem to help.  I had awful nightmares of being married to some awful stranger, and in a separate dream – losing my wedding rings in the sand on the beach.  Tot actually slept through the night for a change, but I did not.   I woke up umpteen times and finally ditched my nose mask for the CPAP machine because it threatened to drown me.

Needless to say, Wednesday morning was not a good one.  And things conspired to make me miserable and late for my saving grace – water aerobics.  When I got home, Bergylsnorpe joined the fray threatening to destroy the house in his fear of the dreaded compressor which was being used on the kitchen reconstruction — I had to take the mutts in the car with me shopping which carried its own set of issues.  And the migraine kicked in.  Wednesday became an “Abandon ship day”.  I just wanted to run away.  Funny how fast things can go down hill.  I mean “funny” in a #$@%&* kind of way.

Generally, I haven’t minded being without a kitchen for the remodel process, BUT.  What I wouldn’t give for some cold filtered water.  Makes me seem pretty spoiled, eh?

ChildLaborOh, and I just hope Child Protective Services don’t come after me for violating child labor laws…  Tot’s addicted to stuffing cupcakes….  No whips involved, honest!

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