All in a Day’s Play

These pictures are from a few days ago.  Today was another matter entirely.

Today, I woke up to snow!   It progressed from tiny dust-sized specks to great big fluffy marbles – the big ones.   Then I went to wake Tot up.  She was buried under a pillow and did not want to be dug out.  Her eyes hurt – too bright.  Yes, she’s sick again.  She was delighted to see the snow, but an hour later when it had melted, she wanted to know who took it.

Tot was mostly a lump on the couch, on top of me.  Except when she was eating her 3 popsicles.  And my little girl who felt no pain with a raging double ear infection, claimed it hurt too much for me to kiss her on her head.  The rug hurt too when she was sprawled out on it.  Her appetite suddenly kicked in at bedtime after our last story.  Hopefully, this will be short lived. I still have to finish our taxes and it’s a little tough when I’m sequestered on the couch.

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