All in a Day’s Work, okay, maybe Two

Tot’s fever was down to a dull roar today and since it was GORGEOUS out, I decided to take her to the playground to get some fresh air, vitamin D and to try to run her  batteries down.  It worked!  I escaped her bedroom at 7:40 – a solid hour earlier than usual.  This has given me time and fodder for sharing her tot-ness with you.SnoozingPair


First picture was taken yesterday.  I went on a cleaning spree (doesn’t happen often – cousins are coming!) while Mr.Tot entertained the Tot.  After a while, I noticed that all tot-type noises had ceased, and went to investigate.  This is what I found.  Mr.Tot had taken night duty so he was tuckered out too.

Picture 2 – Tot captured this deer in the headlights.  It was her only good picture.  The rest either cut his head off or missed him completely.  Pretty amusing, hunh.  Looks like he was caught doing something he shouldn’t.  What was it Mr. Tot?  Fess up!


This picture looks like Tot is steering a huge ship through the playground, or maybe making her way through the world.

Side note:  one of Tot’s frequent comments:  Hey guys, what you talking about?  You talking about me??  with her voice going up to a high-pitched squeak.  Makes me laugh every time.

Tot’s first time on the tire swing.  With a blond BOY.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him.  She was totally captivated until she got bored.  Then it was – see ya later.

Tot practices for snow season, making sand angels.  See those wings?  Yeah, neither do I.  There are horns, though.

Bonus!  I even have time to make some jewelry tonight – woo hoo!

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