And now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

Pooshie      We got a new cat.  He’s a total sweetie.  He let’s Tot molest him as you can see. But he came with the wrong name.  It’s just wrong.  Pooshie or “Poochie” as Tot calls him.  “Pooch” might actually be appropriate – he’s larger than many dogs…  Now, I don’t take the subject of names lightly.  Mr Tot and I took the full nine months to agree to Tot’s name.  


     First I suggested Pickles because Tot likes this cat as much as she likes Pickles which is pretty extreme, and Mr.Tot suggested Bliss because the cat is so blissed-out, then Pickle-bliss, and Pepperoni.  I suggested something indicating the Abominable Snowman but I don’t really like Yeti which Mr. Tot tells me is his name. monsters-inc-abominable-snowmanThen I suggested Russian names but Boris was the only one I could think of, which might be cute.    So, with my usual obsessiveness, after wracking my brain which took all of about 30 seconds, I turned to the internet. 


      I looked up Polar Bear names – Juneau, Klondike, and then noticing they were Alaskan towns, looked up Alaskan towns  – Kodiak, Nome which could double as Garden Gnome if he stalks the garden.  Then there are those which are Alaskan but sound Russian – Belkofski, Nikolski or maybe they’re stolen.


 Then I found it – Beluga!!! which is a white whale or Baloo for short – like from the Jungle Book = Happy-go-lucky bear!!!)  Purrrrfect!!!  (of course Mowgli’s pretty cute too.)   And it would fit into the neighborhood trend – Pooshie’s info sheet did say he was more dog-like than cat….  Our neighborhood is overflowing with “B” dognames….  Bo, Bennie, Bocchi, Bella, Bella, Bella  (record didn’t skip – we do have 3 Bella’s in this neighbor) and then there’s Bergylsnorpe and Barkylthorpe – though their names have been changed to protect the guilty.  Pooshie has already touched noses with Berglsnorpe (see??  Alaska in his blood with eskimo kissing!!) and he’s been introduced to Devil cat, though she was not his taste for kissing, either that or he’s savoring the chase.


 Then there’s Fritz – as in – he’s on the fritz (not working)


 - Kokhanok (or coconut for short – flaky white stuff?) (kind of sounds like you’re singing Put a lime in the coconut …  with your hips swaying


 - And before you even suggest it – Wasilla is OUT!!!!


 - Chicken – YES, there is an Alaskan town named Chicken – and we could give Pooshie a red comb for Halloween…  and Uncle Steve would be so proud (he works for Cobb- sub-division of Tyson)


 - Did you know that there’s a town called Kalifornsky???  For real!!!  Most of these names, I had to discard because I either couldn’t pronounce them or I wouldn’t remember them….  It’s very limiting – this memory thing.  This afternoon, I couldn’t remember the names of a couple kids I see all the time in the pool.  Oops.


 - Yistletaw?  sounds like somebody screwed up on Mistletoe…


 So…  what do you think?   Do you like any of these?  Suggest anything better?  Let me know…


I was going to blather on about today, but I’ve spent so much time searching for a name, I’m exhausted, and since I got up at 5:30 this morning – I really should head for bed – I’ll just leave you with the highlight picture of the day….  I sure hope she sleeps in tomorrow morning.


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  • Hey, it’s a great white cat. How can you call it anything but Moby Tot? *blink, blink* (Moby Cat maybe? runittogether and make it Mobycat. Egads, I’m imagining a cartoon series, Mobycat and his sidekick Tweefwog… Nah, that’s too convoluted. Never mind.

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