And Now for something Completely Different…

 I’m not sure I should let you in on this secret.  I mean, there are limited quantities and all.  And no, I don’t get any kickback. though, it would be nice!  

 According to Wikipedia, “Woot” is an interjection expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word “yay” could be used in a sense of achievement.

Woot also can mean, in games “We owned the other team”.

 Woot also refers to:  Woot, an Internet retailer which sells one item per day at an incredibly reasonable if not ridiculous rate.  It has a constant shipping rate of $5 regardless of how many items purchased.  These items range from incredibly dweeby things like computers, hard drives, DVD players, ipod stations, to gourmet stuff like espresso machines, bacon salt, practical things like rechargable batteries and roomba vacuum cleaners, to fluffly things like flowers and toys.  You just never know what Santa’s rogue elves are selling until midnight central time.  If the item sells out before you have before bought yours, tough cookies (cookies, Tot asks?), and if you forgot to buy yours before the day is over, tough cookies. In addition to a great deal, you get great entertainment — the write-up for each item being sold is a bizarre, yet hilarious narrative which leaves you wondering who comes up with stuff like this?    We have this website boomarked so we can just refresh it every day to get our fix.

  I did manage to stay mum on the bacon salt around Mr.Tot until that day was over.  Whew, and WOOT!!!

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