And the Angels Sang!

And they’re singing LOUD baby!

I think God took pity on me, ’cause he just gave me the best present I could ever imagine right now.  It’s been a tough day, not because of anything in particular.  I’ve just been cranky, utterly cranky.  And then.   I saw Heaven.  And her name was Claire.

Tot was out in the front yard watering after dinner, and I was keeping a safe distance away reading my creativity book.   A car drove by and pulled into the house katy corner from us that was just sold and closed TODAY.  We had heard they might have a 3YO daughter, and were keeping our fingers and toes and hairs crossed that it was true.

They now walked down their driveway towards us, and I scrambled to stop Tot from waterboarding them on approach.  Not only was it true that they have a Tot-twin, but I actually know our new neighbors.  I had met mom and child at the pool last summer via a friend, and was sad that I hadn’t gotten to see them more.  And here they are, across the street.  Oh Happy Day!

I envision lots and LOTS of time watching two little blond heads go bobbing around the yard.  Just the 20-30 minutes we hung out in the front yard, I could see the instant mindmeld, and the goodnatured fight for supremacy one moment, while sharing a bag of Cheez-its the next.  It was fabulous.  Tot has a new best friend and it isn’t me!!  Don’t get me wrong, Tot has an absolutely wonderful set of friends right next door, but they are all much older and I often feel like I reek of desperation when I call to see if they are home.  It’s nice to have options, especially one so close.

I foresee that this summer Tot could care less if I’m out of sight.  Okay, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.  But whether Claire comes here , or Tot goes there, it’s a win either way!   And once her mom has her baby sister, I foresee lots of hanging out a la our neighbors down in cul-de-sac land where they have the camping chairs out and wineglasses in hand while the kids create a blur around them.

Goodbye crank, hello host of playdates!

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