And the FUN continues!!

Just received the oh-so coveted notice from the IRS today that our taxes are delinquent.  But wait, what is the point of giving your check to a tax attorney, if not to avoid these nasty letters?  Also fighting returns from American airlines on that cancelled Italy trip, trying to get a reimbursement from the insurance company on a root canal as well as  a few other odds and ends, not to mention a flat tire on the truck.  Oh, what exactly is it that I have done to deserve all this??  And what can I do to make it all go away?

Might have to go get some therapy by shopping for flowers to replace my pansies that finally succumbed to the heat.  They fought a valiant fight, and Tot did not help matters. or maybe she did.  Although, with our financial resources flying in every direction, not sure we can afford it.   Better go – Tot is requesting that I get off the ‘puter…

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  • Sherri

    Thems the breaks – you have a great life with a great family & you get pested to death (ins & IRS are pesty problems but can be dealt with).

    I’m sorry you are having a rough time right now – if it makes you feel any better, we have only recently cleared up all medical bills related to my stroke (3 1/2 years ago). If we didn’t have insurance, we would have owed close to 6 figures.

    So, in short, I try to make you feel better by 1) reminding you how great your life is and 2) telling you how bad it could be.

    Good thing I’m not in the pep talk profession!

    • totseyeview

      Yes, I do have a great life. This was just one shitty 24 hour period – and you haven’t heard the half of it. At least no one got hurt or sick, unless you count massive memory shutdown, though I did have to call poison control on myself, and Tot didn’t get to sleep until close to midnight, which ended up being my dinner time. Man was I glad when the day was OVER.
      I REALLY hope today is better.

      I’m really glad you managed to clear up your stroke bills. Piano man was in the hospital for almost a month at Christmas – PICU for a week of it. Bills were $20k for 1 day there. Fortunately we didn’t have to dispute anything. Thanking my lucky stars NOW. Guess yesterday was penance.

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