Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, Tot and I drove to Nana & Papa’s house.  I knew it would take AT LEAST 9 hours, but I have done it before and survived.  This time, it almost killed me.  I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice, and had to find a place to pull off and rest my eyes.  After about 8-10 minutes, further rest was out of the question thanks to a 36″ duck.  [They say having kids is like being pecked to death by a duck.]  My duck is cute, but she sure can peck!

At one rest stop, as I’m imagining being hit by a meteorite (don’t ask) an ambulance pulls up and pulls a woman clutching her chest out of her car.  Hmmm….    Later on, an ambulance pulls up behind me on the road and hits the siren just as my mother answers my phone call.  Freaked her out and I’m thinking – God?  Are you trying to tell me something?

It seemed like we stopped every half an hour for at least 20-30 minutes  each time.  If I hadn’t driven at warp speed, I wouldn’t have have made it here this week!  On top of that, a cold assaulted me.  You know how fast they attack. By the time I arrived, my head was completely fogged in.  My parents felt so bad for me, they took over Tot-duties.  I practically fell into bed.  But Tot, my little over-excited Tot, who had not slept more than 40 minutes on the whole trip was determined to give Nana & Papa a run for their money.

After they played with her and read to her and tried to put her to bed, she insisted on sleeping with me.  Okay fine.  Nana and Papa dash off to their own bed.  After a few minutes of fidgeting comes the inevitable

“I’m hungry.”

I was NOT, no how, no way, getting out of bed.  So, I threw Nana to the shark, I mean, duck.  ”Go ask Nana.”

Did the darkness or distance from the far side of the house daunt her?  Nope.  My hacking cough was keeping me awake anyway and I listened to the drama unfold.  There was silence while she padded off to get help.  Soon, I hear noises in the kitchen.  Nana AND papa are cooking her some Turkey bacon and give her a drink.  Nana shepherds her back into my bed.  I pretend to be asleep.  All is quiet for about 3-4 minutes.   Then

“I’m still hungry!”

“Why didn’t you eat enough when you were just out there?”

“‘Cause I’m still hungry.”

But of course – how logical. ” Go ask Nana.”  [Sorry Nana]   Silence while she pads off again.   Evidently Nana was dead  [autopsy revealed death by a duck]  ’cause the only voices in the kitchen were Tot’s and Papa’s.  He gets something else for her and pushes her in my direction desperate to get back to bed I’m guessing.  She fidgets a while and I decide to crack down.  Stay still, be quiet and close your eyes as I clamp my arm down around her, as I’m thinking with a smirk on my face – Are you tired of her yet, Nana & Papa?   Welcome to my world.

In case you’re wondering how the pictures above relate – they’re attitude pictures…, especially the one with the carrots – LalalaLALALALA, I can’t heaaaar you!

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