Baa HAAA Hoo Halloween is HERE

I love Halloween. I think it’s my favorite holiday. And it’s an absolutely gorgeous time of year.



(Pumpkin pics from Better Homes and Garden website, Little lamb pic is all mine)

As a kid, you get to dress up, wield large knives (okay, maybe Mom and Dad did that part), go running around outside, and get candy…

As an adult, it only gets better — you get to dress up, drink, decorate, wield large knives, go running around outside, and get candy… Hey, admit it, you either swipe a few from your kids’ stash or have a ton of leftovers from the stuff being handed out. When I see the little kids in costumes coming to my door, I seriously wish I had a camera installed on the door frame. And seeing some of your adult neighbors in costumes, priceless.

Some years, I have gotten so frazzled in my day to day life that Halloween sneaks past without any build-up or fanfare. That should be a crime. Not this year, no siree. I have both my costume and Tot’s finished with a week to spare, which is a good thing since I’m also on the hook for Tot’s preschool Halloween party and I have committed to making theme food.

Fortunately my costume only involved acquiring various items of clothing and jewelry from various sources. Tot’s involved a lot more work on my part, as I couldn’t bring myself to buy a pre-made costume. When will I ever learn? She really seemed to love it, until at one point, she declared she wanted to be a butterfly instead…. Ohhhhhh Noooooo you don’t.

She wants to be Tinkerbell Cinderella Firefighter aka The Tinkerella to the rescue! Alas, my costume making skills can’t hold up to her schizophrenia, so she’s just going to be Tinkerbell PERIOD

And me – it’s a surprise! You’ll have to wait until Halloween! Or at least until Saturday, when I make my debut at the wine tasting next door. I will say I scared the &*@#$ out of Mr.Tot when I lurked in the mudroom as he came through the door one evening during my trial run. And that wasn’t even the full blown costume. Hehh hehhhh haaaa!

And you’ll have to wait for pictures for both Tot and I.

Meanwhile I have to practice making Halloween Treats for the 3YO Cliffords as they are known.

Here is what I am planning on making…

From the Better Homes and Garden website (BGH) and another one I found quite by accident but plan to revisit – Little Nummies presents monsters on a stick…

Apple smiles recipe photo 260 AK Ebury 032106ss_101484736



























I haven’t even gotten to my Halloween decorations yet, but here is one serious contender for our pumpkins… also from BGH


I was going to write more, but am coming down with a cold and headed for bed. Gotta rest up for my carousing come week’s end…. But I did enjoy that beautiful full moon this weekend, did YOU?


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