Booted from the corner office

In our last house, Mr. Tot and I tried to share an office and that was an abysmal failure.  Mr. Tot’s stuff migrated and multiplied, until the room was utter chaos.  While he can work in any environment he pleases, his “environment” doesn’t work for me.  I am not the neatest person as my mother will attest, however, I do have my limits.  With too much chaos, my brain starts shutting down, and if I have any deadlines at all, complete panic sets in as my inability to function becomes overwhelming fear.   So, since there was no other dedicated space, I worked where I could, and was a tad disorganized.  Let me garner your sympathy by adding that we had just moved 3000 miles, and I was in charge of trying cram our multitudes of crap treasure into a small fraction of the space we had before.  It was temporary, but it made being organized next to impossible.  When we moved into our current house over 2 years ago, there were 2 rooms available to be used as offices.  Woo Hoo!  


These offices, however, were not created equal.   One is a tiny window-less room with double doors into the unfinished workshop.  The other was a lovely large corner office with lots of windows. We both worked, and, although my job was part-time, I was responsible for all of our personal records, of which there are a LOT.   The medical records for Piano Man alone are extensive.  Throw in house changes every few years, a couple ex’s, a few lawyers for good measure, and well, you get the picture.  I’m waist deep in files.  I reasoned that since I went without an office in the last house, and had been shackled with dealing with all the mail, billing, filing, etc, I should get the corner office.  And he really needed to have immediate access to his workshop, so really, he HAD to be in that small office.  He conceded.  I was 7 months pregnant at the time after all.   What man in his right mind denies his pregnant wife such a small courtesy as that?  


I decorated my beautiful corner office and created a really nice space…  to admire, as I passed by every now and then.  Moving in to the house took quite a while, and then, well, then Tot came along, and life consisted of Tot.  After about 4 or 5 months, Mr.Tot started griping.  Said if I didn’t start using the office by the 6 month mark, it was his.  I started using it bit by bit.  Twenty minutes here, 30 minutes there.   It was enough to stem the tide.  Then we had my entire family come for Christmas.  With 15 people staying in one house, we had people everywhere.  My poor teenage nieces got the air bed in my office.  It should have been fine, but they claimed it was freezing.   We had to bundle them up with electric blankets to make it bearable.  We did notice that with the door closed, it was about 15° closer to penguin habitat than the rest of the house.  That’s a pretty big leak, but we couldn’t seem to stem the airflow without reconstructive surgery.   Of course, we now try to keep the doors shut to keep our heating and A/C bill in check.   Yes, it’s pretty toasty in the summer, so I ended up working in the dining room.  Bergylsnorpe, however, is not down with our closed door plan.  He wanders in whenever he pleases (the door latch is lame) and he takes after Mr. Tot in the closing door department.  In any case, between the local weather there, and Tot’s marathon days, I have not spent much time there.  Okay – any.  I have not spent any time there, except to throw another pile of papers in, hoping they might miraculously file themselves.  Alas.  No elves in this house.  Dang!


So, it was just a matter of time.  Today it came.  Mr. Tot said if I didn’t start using my office, it was going to be HIS office.  I mentioned the local weather report in there, and he said he was taking his space heater (aka heat-generating computer) with him, though this upcoming summer he might be enjoying his own personal sauna.  Our lives have changed.  I lost my job, and while I have just started another one, I can do it anywhere, and indeed having been using the dining room once again.  I just need storage space for my multitudes of thinly sliced dead trees.  So, with stress levels at an all time high in Mr. Tot’s job,  I decided to give him his corner office.  But first, I had to file the mountains of papers.  You know how much I love Mr. Tot when I say I did not procrastinate, or dawdle, or even whine?!!  I completed the filing after Tot went to bed tonight.  I did make Mr. Tot put her to bed early, but still, my completion of this task is near-miraculous!  It seemed to go ON and ON and ON, and my back is telling me about it. (I didn’t say I wouldn’t whine NOW..) Okay you get the picture.  I was tempted to continue tomorrow but when I looked around and — you know how things always get messier BEFORE they get organized?  Well, it was downright discouraging, and I knew I had to to press on because coming back to that mess in the morning would have made me cry!  Mr. Tot did make the best crusty bread this afternoon, which, slathered in butter, was pretty much my dinner.  It fueled my filing frenzy.


So, yes, I got the boot, but Mr. Tot should be able to move in to his corner office by Monday.  Or earlier, if he’s really, really nice. And he usually is.  And maybe his job will feel a little less stressful.

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