Butterfly bash, Flutterby fete, Pixie party

IMGP1195When we pulled into the driveway, having just gotten home from swimming, Tot commented on the butterfly. She sits behind the passenger seat, and I couldn’t see what she was talking about. I’m not entirely sure what else she said, maybe that he brought his friends, that made me curious. As I walked around the car to get her out, I was treated to the most wonderful surprise — 7, yes SEVEN butterflies in the top of this volunteer sapling tree. IMGP1198Big fuzzy bumble bees were loving it too, but they had been there a lot. And to think I had intended to cut that tree down. Since then, I keep checking, but not a single one have I seen. I think they tapped out those flowers. Greedy things.

And this after I had seen a hummingbird on my back porch a few days ago. I haven’t seen any hummingbirds since I moved here, so this was a real treat. The butterfly convention reminded me of a time back in California when I walked into my backyard and there were about 5 or 6 hummingbirds all close together having a meeting. Or maybe a happy hour. IMGP1201 IMGP1202Who knows what was really in those flowers? Or maybe they were organizing a hit on the butterflies.

I guess they all got the memo, because the butterflys, bees and little pixies were all color coordinated in yellow.

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