Botox gone wrong, OHHHH so wrong….


Botox and a bright tube of lipstick.

Why, Pickles, why?
















Note: No animals were harmed in the filming of this blog post… botox, lipstick or otherwise…



New Sheriff or Chaplain in Town, or umm Top Dog?

There’s a new sheriff in town, or rather a chaplain… Looks nice enough…

Seems a bit suspicious for a clergyman.

Whoa!!! I think he just ate Rover! Or maybe he ran him out of town.

Maybe he is the new sheriff after all… and the clergyman.

No separation of church and state here….


Housing Boom

There’s been a housing boom around here lately. Here’s the construction phase…. It’s hard to get good help these days. General contractor Tot looks on as the inspector gets up close and personal with the structural testing process. The regular inspector, Devil Cat, must have been out sick, or was perhaps sabotaged by Picklepuss.

These [...]

Hazardous Duty aka How to pill a cat

My dad asked me recently if I got a job. What are you talking about? I asked… His response: You haven’t blogged lately. I guess I’m not the only blogger who’s having trouble keeping up. I was reading a blogger I like who hadn’t blogged in a month. Her excuse – feeding her 2 girls [...]

Gone to the dogs

So we just got this e-mail, or rather OUR DOGS did….

Dear Bergylsnorpe & Barkylthorpe,

Having a great time on vacation.

The water is very nice.

Wish you were here.


NOTE: the names have been changed to protect the furricent

So I leave for a minute [...]

Well, Shiver me Timbers, Picklepuss!

Pickles’ peg leg inspired his latest persona….

It’s dangerous around here, the pirates have taken over… Send help!

And that annoying little parrot is really getting on my nerves. All I hear is:

“Arrrr!!! Ahoy there, Maties! Swab those decks, or ye’ll be shark bait, squiffies! “


This ain’t your “reglier” zoo

Our critters are always entertaining, but lately they’re getting downright ….. hmmm, what’s the word? nuts.

Pickles has decided to take up a new vocation. The squirrel chasing just wasn’t working out. So, he’s decided to become a garden statue…. Whaddaya think?

Barkylthorpe decided she was a Carolina fan, and insisted on showing her [...]

Midday in the garden of Good & Evil

There is the ultimate battle being fought in our house: Chaos versus order or perhaps Kaos versus Control a la Get Smart, Zombie versus Human, Pain versus Pain-free, Devil Cat (wearing the Black fur hat/bodysuit) versus Toonces (in the white fur hat/bodysuit) as they go chasing each other 90 mph around the [...]

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you might be surprised where it does grow

I came out of my bedroom this morning to find this sight before me. He looked like he couldn’t move for fear of dropping his cargo that was balancing so nicely on his head. Apparently we have a copper cat, kind of like the golden goose, but found on the clearance rack. Yes, those are [...]

And the Winner is ….

PICKLES!!! Aka Pickle-bliss, Pickle-Pooch, Pickle-Baloo, Pickle-butter-sandwich. Okay, maybe that’s overshare…

I am pleased to report that Blondie and Piano-man are now Pickle -approved.

Despite having voted on ‘Pickles’, the name ‘Poochie’ may live on forever in Tot’s vocabulary.