First Day as a Giraffe…


Here is Tot on her first day as a Giraffe with her goofy smile. Yes, preschool has started and she is very excited, mostly that’s she’s going one more day per week than her best friend across the street, because LAST year, she went one less day and evidently that rankled… a [...]


Day 1 of camp was fabulous. Tot was as high as a kite, and couldn’t wait to go back, especially for the field trip.

Day 2 didn’t happen. Before breakfast, she complained for all of a minute and a half that her stomach hurt. Then, just as we arrived in the parking lot, Tot ejected [...]

Tot’s Day at Camp

It was a marvelous day. A day like no other, … until tomorrow. Tot went to camp. ALL day camp. We dropped her off a little after 8 am. Camp runs until 6 pm… yes, that’s right 10 hours! I was a little worried about the length of time, since she had never done something [...]

Matisse, Miro, Mondrian? Wyeth, Whistler, Warhol?

My daughter LOVES painting… She paints outside on our porch, where I mostly don’t have to worry about it. When her godparents were here, (here-after called the god guys or god-gram and god-gramps), she insisted on painting while the adults were talking and ignoring her (after god-gram was held hostage in her room the better [...]

The benefits of waiting rooms…

I rarely read magazines at home. It’s something I generally only do in waiting rooms. I went to the dentist today, and got my cookie (score!), tube of chapstick, goodie bag of dental stuff, and while waiting to get in the chair, I found a really inspiring article, a stay-at-home dad’s letter to his son, [...]

It’s not me, It’s you

I mean her… I swear! Okay, so maybe part of her behavior comes from me… like talking to myself. Even full blown conversations, complete with hand gestures. Even in my sleep. But the raspberries on the fingers – that’s all her and the faces…. what a little actress…. And the sleeping in the dog [...]

Brave New World?

Raleigh has this great festival every Spring called Artsplosure. It’s a more elaborate version of the California Arts & Wine festival but, hmmm, not sure if there was any wine… I hate drinking in the heat anyway. They had a ton of kids activities and music and drama, and then, there was THIS:



Oh, the visitors we have!

We see a lot of strange characters in our house…

They usually make us laugh… before we eat.them up.

Sometimes Horton has a friend visit too.

Sometimes they’re silly… or devilish…




Or pretty darn goofy.










Phases of this Little Girl’s Room

A month ago, when Mr.Tot was out of town on business for a week, I invited a few friends from the neighborhood and their kids to have a sleepover. It was our first GIRLs night in/kid sleepover – a chance for us girls to get together and hang out, without hiring babysitters. It was rather [...]

Tot Turns Four

The Tot is turning 4 this next week, and we had the party today. I am toast. Mr.Tot and I did our usual bustle and hustle to make it all happen, and I survived fairly well. UNTIL. Afterwards Tot wanted to play. I’m not sure if it was just the straw that broke the camel’s [...]