What He Said….

We were very busy today, picking blueberries, making jam, and generally making our life delicious. Mr.Tot makes it sound like he did all the work, but that’s just for anonymity’s sake…. He did do the heavy lifting, heavy cooking and even heavy blogging. I was his pit crew (HA!) which means I chopped the peaches, [...]

Medical Kudzu

Intense non-stop long-term pain is like kudzu on your life. It covers everything and strangles it, including your enthusiasm, your will to live, and even those who live with you. You live in a landscape where all you see and feel is pain. You can see the shape of all those people and things in [...]

Mr. Tot speaks out

This is Mr.Tot’s take on our new mud wrestling establishment, I mean our geothermal installment process….

(written on Tuesday of last week)

Drill Baby Drill!!

So this is some “Drill Baby Drill!” I can get behind. Seriously. I have been trying to get a Geothermal Heating and Cooling system installed here since March. Well, suddenly, [...]

Frazzled and flashing forward…

This last week has been rather difficult. Wednesday, Mr.Tot had ACL surgery which meant 8 hours at the surgery center, and Tot got shuttled between 3 different neighbors. The surgery supposedly went great, but we ended up in the ER for the intense pain, less than 4 hours after getting home. Tot spent the [...]

And Now for something Completely Different…

I’m not sure I should let you in on this secret. I mean, there are limited quantities and all. And no, I don’t get any kickback. though, it would be nice!

According to Wikipedia, “Woot” is an interjection expressing joy (it could [...]

Recently sighted tuckuses

And the most recent additions to our g-rated Butt file…

I’m not making this stuff up!

I figured if I didn’t have pictures, you wouldn’t believe me…. A few months back, in the midst of 101 other things going on (Piano Man was in the hospital for a month, Mr. Tot had travelled abroad for 10 days, Big Fat Cat was having his final Lymphoma struggles, we had various [...]

Booted from the corner office

In our last house, Mr. Tot and I tried to share an office and that was an abysmal failure. Mr. Tot’s stuff migrated and multiplied, until the room was utter chaos. While he can work in any environment he pleases, his “environment” doesn’t work for me. I am not the neatest person as [...]

Ain’t Technology grand?

The view from my couch….

The view in the dining room.

The view everywhere else….

Mr. Tot and his iphone are inseparable.

Cravings for fish-sticks and spam

This might not seem so weird for a guy, unless you know that Mr.Tot is a food snob. Seriously. Doesn’t even like chain restaurants, let alone fast food. We got some fish sticks, but I draw the line at spam!