Letter to Camp 2011

Dear Big Brudder,

Things haven’t been the same here without you. The skies won’t stop growling and crying. Murgatroid is scared of that big growl. We’ve been brushing him to calm him down. [...]

Hello Brother…

Hey Blondie,

It’s a good thing you’re the hot weather type, ’cause you’re getting it. Computer says it was 104° yesterday… Is that warm enough? Did your Mom melt when she went to have dinner with you? Personally, I’m happy to have a few minutes outside and then go back inside to our nice geothermally- [...]

Dear Big Brudder: Tot’s letter to Blondie at Camp….

There was a lot of traffic in my room last night. Bergylsnorpe came in to visit and wouldn’t leave, only to find out that Pickles (in Toonces mode) was lurking outside terrorizing him. Mom had to bring Pickles into the room and get Dad to call [...]

Basic needs: Ice cream and golf carts

Dear Nana and Papa,

I miss you… And your golf cart. And your ice cream. And letting me do whatever I want.

I can’t believe the way I’m treated around here. I need a golf cart. How come I can’t have one? Really, [...]

Request for Backup. QUICK!

Dear Godguys,

I need your help. I really expected mom to have caved to my demands by now, but she’s tough, and resisting my training efforts. I don’t really want that much. If I had my way, I’d watch Dora ‘Splorer, and ‘Eggo on TV all morning, then go to the park all [...]

The night before “Two” and all through the house…

Dear Godguys,

April 5 – Mom told me Sunday is a day of rest. Mom said that means me. How am I supposed to rest? I’m on the edge of 2!!! I feel all wiggly inside. Instead of having me rest in my room, we went to play tennis in the stroller, but Mom and [...]

Questions and answers

Dear Tot God Gal,

God Gramps and I really miss you. Especially your incredible hugs, your unbelievable vocabulary and appetite. Also your “bees knees” and your little feet running around. (How is your little foot?)

Now, I have some news for you!!! Flappy is on his way but he is very concerned that his [...]

Tricked and tot-napped

Dear Godguys,

Someone tricked me. I think it was Mom and Dad – can’t trust them for a minute! Last I knew I was at your house. Something must have happened while I was sleeping because when I woke up, I was on a plane home already. I think I had a dream that you [...]

Chaos in the Middle East

Hi God guys!

I’ve been meaning to write to you since we opened Tot’s presents. Oh wait, I’m being summoned – someone’s banging her bowl to demand more grapes… I thought slavery was supposed to be illegal.

Hmm, turns out she’s discovered the joy of drumming. Where was I? Oh yeah, about these [...]

Tractor riding Tiny Terror

Hey God gram,

It’s hard measuring a moving target. Just what are you cooking up?

I have to tell you – I went to the Thrift shop today and found a tiny little bike with training wheels

in good condition and pink and shiny, no less for $5. Tot’s not quite big enough but might [...]