Warm Summer memories in the depths of Winter

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert CamusNorth Carolina has been uncharacteristically cold this year. The lows have been about 10° colder than average, and the highs have been about 20° colder than normal. On the eve of a potential snow storm (received pictures [...]

Who knew you needed a memory to potty train a child?

When I say I have a bad memory, most people nod knowingly and tell me how it will only get worse. While I have no doubt of this, it’s not like my memory was EVER any good, and I don’t think they really get the extent of my fog. Several people have even told me [...]

A gift from me to you… Skip the Fruitcake!

It started with a leftover loaf of Under-Wonder (otherwise known as all tasteless white bread better used as a sponge) from Blondie’s camping trip. Leave it to teenage boys to eat junk. Mr.Tot suggested throwing it out, but no, my hoarder, I mean, resourceful inner chef would not, could not let that stuff be added [...]

Learn math, America! and why I’m exhausted…

There’s something that drives me crazy every time I hear it. One of my favorite shows even had one of the characters say it: “You know, pregnancy actually lasts 10 months… ”

Hello? The so-called 40 week duration starts from the first day of a woman’s LAST period, which means for approximately the first 2 [...]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus AKA Miracle in Boston


On Friday, my family gathered in Boston from around the country to rally around my brother, David, as his wife underwent surgery for what we all assumed would be removal of roughly half of her right lung. In late October, the doctors told them that the PET scan indicated there was 90% probability that [...]

Halloween costume or alter ego???

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER of my schizophrenia….

You see my neighbors had a Halloween party and they were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. My hair did not want to cooperate into a classic punk rock spike, so my good friend Nellie suggested a Pebbles hairdo… Perfect! So I am Pebbles gone punk rock.

Totally freaked [...]

The Fight is on…


My brother called on Wednesday. He sounded so chipper, I thought maybe they got good news. I swear I have never met 2 people who are more “The cup is half full” rather than “half empty” in my entire life. “She lit up like a Christmas tree” he quipped, which is NOT a good [...]

Life is unfair…

I was going to write a light post celebrating the first full day with no potty accidents in a very long time.

And then I saw an early birthday wish posted to my brother on facebook. And the realization hit me. And I cried… again. Just feeling the unfairness of life hurdling down on those [...]

Baa HAAA Hoo Halloween is HERE

I love Halloween. I think it’s my favorite holiday. And it’s an absolutely gorgeous time of year.

(Pumpkin pics from Better Homes and Garden website, Little lamb pic is all mine)

As a kid, you get to dress up, wield large knives (okay, maybe Mom and Dad did that part), go running around [...]

Oh Autumn, where art thou?

Okay, so I’m dying to need to wear a pair of long pants, to get back into jeans for a change. Aside from a trip to the relatively frigid North this summer, I have worn nothing but shorts since May. (Nooo, I’m not topless…)

Every week, the forecast taunts us with promises of cooler weather [...]