Future Olympian or professional ham?

How time does fly and creep. The paradox of time. My long silence is due to a change of circumstance. Tot and I have moved and it has been a very long, busy and difficult year. She has been a trooper through it all and is ever the funny, spunky, irrepressible Tot.

My last post [...]

Oh the things they say…

As a follow up to my last post: Okay, so the peach jam, macaroons, and blueberry pie took me the rest of the week to make…

And man was the blueberry pie good! But my masterpiece was this:

I call her Miss Piggy, though Tot dubbed her …. ”Reindeer”

Don’t ask me why, the [...]

For Gigi


Gigi turned 98 a couple weeks ago, and decided that was old enough. Yesterday, she left us. She had a long life full of joy and sadness, hardship and fortune. She saw a lot of progress in her 98 years and a lot of strife. She had 2 sons, 5 grand children [...]