Christmas fun

Yesterday we had snow!!  Great big snowball size clumps of snow falling from the sky.  Tot tried to catch some on her tongue, though I think if she succeeded, she may have choked on them.   She’s proud of her official taster status, and claims snow tastes like chicken.
The next picture is proof that I’m not delusional.  This one melted to about half its size instantaneously upon landing.  They really were huge.  If it had kept up more than a few minutes, we could have been buried under an avalanche.  It was a ready made snowball fight waiting to happen.

I’m not sure Tot’s going to make it to Santa’s good list.  Here she committed a sleigh-jacking and threw Mr.Snowman chauffeur off the train, I mean sleigh. She’s on probation, but will probably squeak by on her charm.

And this is the Winchester gingerbread house.  The building of the  Winchester Mystery house in California went on continuously because the owner  believed she would be eaten by the house if she ever stopped, or something like that….   The decorating process of our gingerbread house has taken several years, I mean days.  I think Tot believes she might expire if she ever stops playing with candy.

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