Confession of a PAA member

PAA =Puzzle Addicts Anonymous

Hi my name is Tot-keeper, and I’m an addict…. A puzzle addict. Yes, I have a serious problem. Drugs, alcohol, gambling… These are potentially dangerous things, commonly abused.  You hear about horrible things happening because of them every day.   But no. Not for me… no, for me, it’s puzzles – jigsaw, sudoku, 3-d puzzles, word problems, etc. And you might as well throw books in there too, at least the good ones. I get a little OCD and can’t pull myself away from them. Time warps, things get neglected like cleaning, laundry, dinner, sleep…, my eyes glaze over, my back gets kinked from sitting in one position for hours, and for what? The funny thing is that I have no problem resisting all together, but no control once the Pandora’s box has been opened.

Blondie brought down an old puzzle that had been in his closet for years. For days I resisted figuring it was his activity, but then I got sucked in.   I figured once it was done, that would be that. But no, Mr.Tot took him to buy another larger puzzle, which he promptly dumped out on the dining room table and abandoned. The dining room table has become my black hole, sucking me in any time I get too close. Sometimes I can’t leave until my eyes no longer focus.

Then there’s the problem of solving puzzles together.   Mr.Tot tried to get us all to pick out edge pieces and put them in one spot. My approach is to put pieces with similar patterns together in the general area of where they’re supposed to be, and all the edge pieces around the edge. Mr.Tot complains when I don’t put the pieces where he wants them. Blondie, well, I’m not quite sure what his approach is. And Tot, she just likes to mess with me. I outlast them all, but at my own peril. So, I’m on the puzzle wagon. Wish me luck. I’ve been puzzle-free for 8 hours.

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