Dear Big Brudder: Tot’s letter to Blondie at Camp….

  There was a lot of traffic in my room last night. Bergylsnorpe came in to visit and wouldn’t leave, only to find out that Pickles (in Toonces mode) was lurking outside terrorizing him. Mom had to bring Pickles into the room and get Dad to call Bergyl to get him to leave and then lock Pickles up in Mom & Dad’s room to stop the harassment. THEN later on, when I was ‘posed to be sleeping, the Lickasaurus came calling. I had to tell her to leave me alone. How’s a girl ‘posed to get any beauty sleep when the whole zoo passes through?

I hope you’re having fun. Not getting eaten by bugs. Those bedbugs can be vicious – I think the Lickasaurus is related to them.

And about this whole delusion you have regarding Pickles being your cat. Let me just show you how devoted he is to ME….  


        Here he’s keeping guard at the dinner table. He seems to be sleeping on the job. I have to watch him all the time.



















         Pickles said he got KP duty and you would know what that meant being at boyscout camp and all.












         And here, he’s playing with my toes.













          PuterNerds I’m teaching Pickles to be a ‘puter nerd like daddy. He asked to get lessons, by jumping up on my chair. He’s a good student, but easily distracted by the larger and furrier ones among us. I think he secretly wants to be the largest and furriest of all – that’s why he’s eating so much. And he pretends he is already, by bossing everybody around. 



       Oh, by the way, the red laptop is now mine, ALL MINE!!! I’m watching Maya and Miguel all by myself on my very own computer. Hee hee hee. You snooze, you lose.  This is Mommies in the picture, but I used yours!  I mean MINE, of course….



         BUT, if we have to share Pickles, you can have him when he gets hungry and becomes Toonces, shown here:

         See how nice I am to share MY cat?








       Daddy made it home from China okay. It’s really good to see him again. Though I think he almost joined the    Army over there. We’re just lucky he came home! But I want a hat like that!! And those weapon thingies too – hyeah!







        And it was good to see Woody too…. Here he is standing, but it looks like he and daddy are dancing a jig, doesn’t it?






















         While Daddy was gone, I got to go with the puppies on “collar”!! It was so much fun. See??? Don’t you want to     go too?





Love you, Miss you,

Your little sis,


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