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It’s all Mr.Tot’s fault.  I sit with my laptop on  my lap top and there’s a great sucking sound to be heard throughout the land… well, at least throughout the house.  Photoshop is my new addiction.  Not like I needed anything more to suck up my time and energy.  But I am a kid in a candy shop, and we all know I have no self control.   On top of that, he found a little app for his iPad, called Artify, that doesn’t do much, but what it does do is so much fun.  I could probably do the same thing in Photoshop, but it would take so much longer, and the app was only 99 cents, so it was in my budget  (barely).

What, WHAT you ask is that addictive?  THIS.  Here’s my original photo…


And now, with Photoshop, I’m a silk screen artist…  poof, in one easy step.  Oh sure, I spent half an hour playing with all the pretty buttons.   Like a toddler in the car –What does THIS one do? It felt like a visit to the eye doctor – do you like THIS one better, or THIS one?  A tiny incremental change later — THIS one, or THIS one?  So many decisions, so little time, and only 31, 000, YES 31 THOUSAND pictures to sift through… See why I’m busy?

Then there’s the Infrared effect.  Much easier to use a photoshop filter, than real infrared film or infrared glass filter on your camera when you’re trying to guess what the exposure should be…

I won’t bother with the original photos anymore – but here’s the Tot in Boston…

TotGraphic2-WM copy

And a cool house at the end of our neighborhood….

Farmhouse1-WM copy

And then there’s the Artify which makes the photo look like a painting but you can undo any section of it to show the detail of the photograph.   Like this….  Ta Da! Magic…  This is Dale Chihuly’s exhibit in Michigan last year….

Artify_201102232044-WM copy













I have so many more, especially with little Tot & Pickle pieces, but you’ll just have to check out my photo website when I finally have it ready, probably about 2028….   I mean, later this year.  Don’t I look professional?


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