Drum Roll Please….. Introducing Pickled Slate!

Okay, so I know we just put our living room back together, but I still had to tidy it up to take pictures.  That’s how we roll at my house.  But, 2010 is gonna be different.  Watch out Entropy, I am waging WAR!  But I digress.  Please submit your Oohs and aaHHHs to the

comments section.   Mr.Tot battled the slate and won, and I halped.  (a little bit – days and months and years of scrubbing grout off the tile rolled into a day or two)  I tried to avoid it all by fleeing the state, but I couldn’t hold out long enough.   I would like to draw your attention to

the tower of cups, I mean the rainbow robot engineered by the one and only Miss Tot, the angel wings which Miss Tot cannot seem to maintain, and the very discerning floor inspector, Pickles aka MyBigWhiteCat.  And if any one of you comments on the grout we missed, you are more than welcome to come and scrub it yourself.  And by the way, our floor grows pennies, I swear!   Seems like every time I turn around, another one shows up….

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