Evidence of a Tot

Egads, it’s been two and a half weeks since I last wrote…

So much to do, so little time.  There have been so many things I have considered writing about over the last few weeks, but now… when I finally sit down to write about something?  Nothing comes to mind.  It doesn’t help that I fell asleep putting the Tot to bed.  I’m pretty much a puddle.

So I leave it to the Tot to provide entertainment…

I walked into the bathroom one day after I finally gotten it all organized and clean, and saw this…..







Yes, the carafe is full of water, so all those Q-tips are trash.   Deep sigh.














Evidently I’ve become the zoo keeper.  Don’t worry, all the animals here are friendly, and fortunately for me, they only eat once a year or thereabouts.












Then we had an infestation, but they’re very tasty bugs, and oh so cute.














And then there was the day our snowman melted….  He was made of newspaper snow.  Tot had a blast.






















So did Pickles.  See him in there?

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