Excuses and More Excuses – Part 2

This is pathetic.  It’s been almost a month since I last blogged.  Life is crazy.  Okay, here are those other reasons I haven’t blogged lately, as well as an update on the first part.

At the end of last month, poor little Tot went splat on the playground.  She was jumping from one short little stool to another and missed.  And yes, I should have been ready to catch her.  But she had done it so easily just holding my little finger.  I had no idea what power my little finger possessed.  So a trip to the doctor and threats of cat scans and MRIs later, Dr.Bill advised to wake her up every 2 hours over night.  She fell asleep at 6pm which was enough to make me think she was dying all by itself.  It was a very long night, but rather humorous too as her response at one point to being woken up was a very perky and cute, “Yes?”  The scary part is that her black eye is still faintly visible and it’s almost 5 weeks later.  I call this picture Bruiser in a Pink dress. Mr.Tot says – you should see the other guy!














On Oct 9th, Tabor and I caravanned with my folks to Ohio to a cousin’s wedding.  And then up to Michigan to see my grandmother who has no internet.  And came home a week later.    Rather tired after our 2000 mile journey.





Remember how I said I have a sleep disorder?  Shallow breathing that may or may not be causing my weird nocturnal behavior and my daytime sleepiness.  Well, I’ve been using a breathing machine which may or may not be helping.  It’s completely unclear, in large part because I think the Tot may also have a sleep disorder which is messing with MY sleep disorder.   It’s a recursive nightmare.  Though her doctor says unless she’s lethargic (NO!) or hyperactive, not to mess her up with tests or machines or drugs.  Which I agree with.  Meanwhile, this is what Mr.Tot has to sleep with every night….

NosePillow NoseMask

Which look is better?  The rhinoceros look or the On-life-supprt look.  Man, did Mr.Tot and I bust a gut laughing about my sexy quotient….  My doctor’s response is that I need to have a more consistent routine in order to figure out whether the hypopnea is my main problem or just one of many.  I’m guessing the later.  Especially if you consider the Tot as one of them for wearing me out AND interrupting my sleep….










The main reason why I haven’t had any time to blog is that I cranked up my craft-factory full-steam.  I’m participating in a craft sale November 14th.  HotAirEarringsCupcakesCards1Cards2


































And of course, the kitchen is still non-existent.   But more on that tomorrow… hopefully….  Understand now?

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