Excuses, excuses

You may have noticed that my blogging frequency has decreased dramatically lately.  There are reasons for this, LOTS of them.  FIrst and foremost, Mr.Tot is still suffering from debilitating headaches.  They do seem to be waning but not enough to resume normal life.  So Mrs.Tot gets the lion share of Tot-watch.  And it is a LION’s share.  Hence the semi-dependence on animated fictional characters emanating from a glowing screen on the wall, and convenience food in all its glorious forms, because it is required for my survival…


One night after eating the better part of a bag of chocolate drizzled carmel popcorn, Tot and I had roasted broccoli and carrot soup for dinner to counteract my many sins, though we did eat it in front of the boob tube.

In addition to this, Mr.Tot replaced my phone – yes, I know I said I didn’t deserve one, and indeed didn’t even want one.  But Mr.Tot was embarassed on my behalf, and it only cost $10.  However, it did inflict untold disruption on my life.  Unbeknownst to Mr.Tot, or he would not have tortured me so, Mr. Tot sync-ed my old phone to my laptop which was a BIG mistake, as the address book on my laptop is HUGE, and my phone’s list was but a small piece which got merged with the masses.   On top of that, because I do strange things with my naming conventions, many people were listed several times.   And then, my new phone would not sync with my computer anyway, so that whole effort was pointless.   I had to sort through which numbers I wanted and re-enter all of them by hand,  so I didn’t bother for a few days because it was too daunting.  I felt totally isolated from the world,  Then, when I finally got around to it,  since I couldn’t find the manual (Mr.Tot in his infinite helpfulness had set up my phone for me and then turned the manual invisible.) and the Spanish one didn’t help, I entered stuff on my sim card which limited me to one number per person.  Can you see where all this is going?  Utter frustration.  I felt lost.  For a person with no real memory capacity, it was tough.  Tot may as well have kidnapped my phone…  Phonecall

On top of that, my laptop came to a grinding halt because I ran out of memory space — kind of like its owner, except its owner couldn’t just purchase more memory, no instead I rely on my laptop.  My addiction to photographing Tot amongst other things has completely filled the allotted memory, so Mr.Tot, my personal sys admin swapped out the disks.  He did tell me to do a complete backup before he started but the backup disk wasn’t big enough, sooooo….  any changes I made between August and Sept were not necessarily captured.  Most notably in my e-mail.  And since I didn’t address it immediately – I can either retrieve the old stuff and lose the new stuff or visa versa.  Oh joy.

Then there’s the kitchen remodel.  We’ve wanted to remodel since the day we moved in, but ohHHH NOOOO, that little front walkway that turned into the BIG DIG hogged all the extra funds. .  But the kitchen was still ugly.  And I couldn’t stand it any longer.  It started with – “Let’s paint the cabinets – these are soooo fugly, and maybe buy new knobs”.  I even painted the inside of a couple cabinet doors to see how I liked it.  And then we realized the countertop’s wooden trim could not be painted.  Should we replace the countertop too, or skip the whole thing?  Or maybe we could just refinish that wood edge.  THEN, we found a beautiful hand crafted kitchen island at the local flea market.  TobaccoCabinetWe had bought an antique tobacco cabinet off e-bay long ago to eventually incorporate into our future kitchen. Maybe we could cut out one section of cabinets and reface the rest.  After talking with our contractor friend, things took off fast and furious.  And now we are on the brink of a smoking hole, soon to be a beautiful white swan of a kitchen.  Stay tuned.  We are neck deep in tiny little itty-bitty highly critical details.KitchRight D’oh!  You weren’t supposed to see that man half hidden in our Tobacco cabinet – it’s the secret entrance to our top secret Get-Smart Control office.  My career as a spy is over.  KitchLeft

These are my attempt to use Google’s free Sketch-up software.  Needless to say, I did get a bit frustrated in the process.  But can’t you see through my mistakes, how beautiful it’s going to be?  I’ll post before, during and after pics, I promise!!!

And oh, did I mention, Mr.Tot’s pain meds are wreaking havoc with his memory?  So the conversations in our house are a bit like hanging out in the Alzheimer’s ward of your favorite nursing home, I swear!   I’ll have to document one of our conversations some day, provided I can remember.  It’s really rather entertaining if it wasn’t so bloody frustrating.  Fortunately it’s not a full-time illness just yet, but I fear it’s coming…  sooner rather than later.

And this is not even all of it.  But if I wait to finish writing it all, it may be another day or 3 or 6 – so part 2 coming soon.  I promise.

Sneak preview – the monster in my bed, craft-factory goes full-steam, Little girl goes splat and coming soon – a road trip….

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