Falalalala, la la la la

This is the sum total of my accomplishments today.  Oh, this and refraining from duct taping my daughter to the wall.  Yes, rather than baking something from scratch, I frosted chocolate covered graham crackers to look like little presents, for a party which, turns out, is next week.   This pushed the limits of my capabilities after a frustrating and fruitless shopping expedition with the Tot.

I should have known this morning when dropping the Tot off at the playplace.  A little boy trampled over my coat, bag, and knocked over my water while his mother stood next to him.  Then, no lockers were left in my usual area, so I went to the next area and the first locker I tried didn’t lock.  All minor things which didn’t bother me, but they were just the tip of the iceberg.  Tot was the iceberg.  Maybe both of us were semi-fragile from lack of sleep.  Her nightmares are really becoming an issue.  In conjunction with her stubborn need to bend me to her will via every possible form of torture available to a 2 year old, and possibly a few for 18 year olds, I am losing the battle.  Maybe I can leave her in Florida as a Christmas present for her Nana and Papa.  Enjoy!

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