Fancy times

I did a second craft show this weekend, but it didn’t go nearly so well as the one last weekend.  Not for lack of inventory as you can see.  I looked into doing a third this weekend, but the good shows you have to sign up for early, and I hadn’t realized how much stuff I was going to make….  So, a neighbor and I may do the flea market just adjacent to two big shows with the hope that there will be some spillover of customers.  We’ll see.

On other fronts, Tot has decided that she likes dresses.  To the extent that she insists that I wear them as well and DANCE.  But I didn’t take pictures of me,  just her.   This picture is of her in “creative movement” class.  But I think that huge halo is the really creative part.    She’s the overachiever of the class.  After a few minutes of shy warm-up, she enthusiastically does whatever the instructor asks again and again and AGAIN.  Meanwhile the other kids are meandering around or laying down or getting in her way.  It’s pretty funny.


Not only does she inist on wearing dresses, but she also insists on changing her dress several times a day.  One day, she got this one out – rather large and scanty, but with the lace and her hair in a bun, she looked like a tiny flapper, especially from the back. This was her Nana’s dress when she was little.




Fortunately, there was no dress involved when she demolished an oreo cookie.  I’m not entirely sure how she managed to spread it out so far – note there’s some on her forehead too.






And then there’s this face.  People tell me she’s going to be a handful….  Going to be, I ask?

2 comments to Fancy times

  • excellent!
    Craft shows: one step at a time. each one is different.

    Tot: one step at a time…each one is different!

  • Deb

    Glad to hear she’s the over-achiever in her class — Jenn took some ballet classes at about that age, and she definitely wasn’t the over-achiever, though she smiled and giggled a lot!! That was her last dance class!

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