Feeding Time at the Zoo


Please keep all hands and feet inside the car as we pass the Wild Cat feeding area.  Resist the urge to pull those tails.  Aww, what the heck, give ‘em a yank – we do!  Cat yodeling at its best!   See An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka) for a lesson in yodeling, AND a good laugh.


If I had been able to back up to take the picture, you would have also seen Bergylsnorpe patrolling the area, hoping for fallout.  Yes, the felines get fed in the Loo, hence the tight quarters and the month’s supply of TP.   Good entertainment for the nightly throne-sitting.  And yes, we do have to deal with the three cat shuffle and distribution methods vary but it’s always one cat per shelf.  Even after 3 years, they still didn’t get it.  


Though sadly we’re now down to two cats.  That empty shelf still gets me.

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