Filling the pantry!

Pick a peck of pickled peppers….

Mr.Tot and I have been on a tear.  It’s old home week here, between the cooking, canning, and yardwork.

(We’ve transformed our side yard – Mr.Tot did the bulk of the work, but I put in a few pints of sweat as well…  More on that later.)

We now have:

A gallon and a half of blueberry peach jam you read about in Mr.Tot’s post…

A big batch of blueberry peach scones  (okay, past tense on those)

One peach apricot crisp

5 gallon bags of frozen blueberries

4 pints of pickled peaches  (word to the wise – do NOT open the cover on a pot of boiling pickling juice with your face right there above the pot!  D’oh! that vinegar steam make your nose hairs frizzy!)

3 pints of sweet pickles

Only 12 or so pounds of sugar used in the last few days and another 2 or 3 pounds anticipated, because macaroons, blueberry pie, and peach jam or roll-up are all waiting to be made…

Why?  Because there’s a zillion egg whites, and blueberries and peaches on the edge in our frig, and it’s supposed to be 120°, I mean 102° but it might as well be 120° today!!  So, after a short swim this morning, you won’t be able to pry me out of my air conditioned comfort if my life depended on it….


Baking is fun, but canning is like magic.

You can eat it whenever you want, not in the next 30 seconds to a week or so.

No room required in the freezer.  Wonderful treats to spoil yourself year round.

Here are my peaches – aren’t they pretty?  After skinning them, they had a beautiful blush coloring.  And the pickling syrup was delicious.  If you’re interested in the recipe, click HERE.

I think I’m finally channeling Gigi and Lydia, my other grandmother.  Thank goodness, it’s about time.

I even made fried okra, though I doubt my northern based grandmother ever made that southern dish…  I could be wrong…

OHHHH – might have to pickle some watermelon rind too, since there’s a big fat one sitting on our counter, and I’m in a pickling mood…

SO long as I don’t pickle THE pickle.  He’s not so sure about his namesake.


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