First Day as a Giraffe…

IMGP9790Here is Tot on her first day as a Giraffe with her goofy smile.  Yes, preschool has started and she is very excited, mostly that’s she’s going one more day per week than her best friend across the street, because LAST year, she went one less day and evidently that rankled… a LOT.  Her class is the Giraffe class, and we just happened to come across pajamas that had a sparkly giraffe on them, wearing sunglasses no less.  You know she HAD to wear the top to her first day, and of course we’re so ready for pajama day.  The Dorothy shoes are new too – so those are on almost 24/7.  At least I know she will always find her way home…

When I take posed pictures of her, I try to avoid the plastered on smile, so I tell her to think of something that makes her laugh.  We had a tough time today coming up with something, but she got silly, big surprise! and well, see for yourself.  Who knew giraffes were so feisty?



I did have a bit of a scare when she asked this evening if she had to go to preschool again tomorrow…  I’m thinking – is this camp all over again?  Fortunately she was asking because she wanted to go, so pray that no evil aliens abduct her tonight and change her mind!!!

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