First Day of Preschool

Mark off another milestone… Tot invaded the preschool this week and her teachers called her a doll. She just wishes she could ride a school bus like the BIG kids.

There was one disappointment however… no ice cream on the playground. I’m sure she thinks she was duped ’cause when she visited last spring – they served ice cream. However, the proliferation of Clifford themed decorations may have made up for that oversight. Notice that Pickles, her BIG white cat saw her off on her first day.

And I was relieved to see her come home in the same clothes she went to school in. After an entire load of laundry from *accidents*, it was NOT a sure thing. Day 2 of preschool went just as well.

And if you’re wondering why this picture is so blurry, so am I…. Mr.Tot took it… and blamed it on the camera. Okay… But it’s still my favorite and besides, it seems rather appropriate for Tot to be a blur.

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